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Mixed on Site

Concrete changes from a semi-liquid substance into a solid binder as a result of chemical reactions between water and various compounds in the cement. This process begins immediately after the mixing of all of the ingredients.

With Advantage Site Mixed Concrete, Inc., this process does not begin until the materials get to the job site. This increases the time available for finishing and eliminates the need to add additional water to maintain the fluidity of the concrete for pouring—thus, the strength of the concrete is not reduced.
The concrete from Advantage Site Mixed Concrete, Inc. is ALWAYS FRESH because the concrete is mixed right at the job.

Fresh Concrete

All of the ingredients to make concrete (rock, sand, cement, and water) – are loaded into separate compartments on one truck-mounted unit.

(See Figure 1)

Gates control the outflow of rock and sand down a conveyor belt.

(See Figure 2)

This continuously moving conveyor belt transports the material to the rear of the truck where the cement, water, and additives are added to a mixing bowl at the head of an auger.

(See Figure 3)

The auger mixes all the ingredients together while it travels up toward the chute.

The ingredients are metered and mixed into fresh concrete as it is poured.

(See Figure 4)

No Waste

All our concrete mixes are metered off the truck to the nearest 1/10 yard. We can deliver up to 6 yards per trip; you pay only for what you use—with a 1 yard minimum. There is never any unwanted “leftover” concrete dumped at your job site.

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